How you can receive passive income with MEGASET

2 min readMar 15, 2022


MEGASET focuses on building assets that will provide our community with passive income. Our investment strategies focus on global markets and building core assets regionally. So how then can you leverage on MEGASET to grow your passive income portfolio?

First of all, you need to know that MEGASET is funded by a strategic buyback plan. What it means essentially is that the amount of tokens available in the market will only decrease over time because the tokens will be bought back and “burned” or destroyed. When the amount of tokens being circulated is kept in control, supply and demand will keep the price of tokens competitive. As such, this will give investors the opportunity for capital gains. The larger part of this buyback strategy is focused on keeping the price of token stable. This is important to MEGASET & their investors because a large number of users are afraid of the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The strategy will ensure steady growth in the price of the token.

Secondly, investors can only take part in the projects launched by MEGASET using MEGASET tokens only. This would mean that there will be a constant demand for these tokens hence, ensuring stable price of the tokens.

The solutions offered by the MEGASET Team range from professional trading, asset investing, staking and mining of crypto assets, NFTs etc. The projects are diversified across different asset classes, regions and strategies.

You will be able to create income through active and passive means by joining MEGASET, participating in MEGASET projects and solutions.

Grow Your Wealth With MEGASET!

Where Can I Buy MEGASET (MSET)?

MEGASET is a decentralized crypto token which can only be purchased with another cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges. MEGASET will also be listed on centralized exchanges.

For more information you can follow MEGASET’s social media or visit the official website.

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