MEGASET Announce Strategic Partnerships with Global Industries to Overcome Digital Transformations

2 min readApr 25, 2022


MEGASET is a functional utility token $MSET powered by asset management. It has recently announced its presale launch on Friday, Apr 29, 2022,13:00:00 UTC.

Ahead of MEGASET’s upcoming first Presale Launch on Apr 29 2022, MEGASET already has contracts with partners in crypto industries, like Women Unite, a NFT project with a 10K collection. (I Am Creator, Super Creators etc.) and non-crypto industries (X-EVENTS, Ling Ye, GrooveAsia, Summit, SHABU ONG 王鍋屋, Jintsumi, Simon Leung, TrexTrader etc.). The success of utility coins is very much dependent on the level of utility the currency has. For utility coins to strive, they must have high usages across sectors, industries, products, and service offerings.

$MSET token owners can continue to look forward to using it to purchase NFTs and sign up for various educational courses/seminars ranging from Personal Development / NLP. Digital Currencies, internet marketing, dining at restaurants, food services, toy collection, concerts, travel accommodations and packages etc.

MEGASET is still looking for partners to extend its scope for utility. Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Small Enterprises from the digital currency industry, blockchain services, e-commerce, gaming, e-sports, etc., who like to partner with MEGASET’s team can contact MEGASET hopes to expand businesses together, providing the required services to its community. More details on MEGASET’s partnership program can also be found on its website.

Apart from services from MEGASET’s partners, intending users can also use $MSET tokens on MEGASET’s marketplace to purchase mainstream cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, USDT etc.) at discounted prices, MEGASET products and services or stake it for staking rewards.

MEGASET aims to expand its ecosystem and global utility across every industry, country and region, which will enable token users to have access to well-diversified offerings regardless of where the clients are. MEGASET is a functional utility token powered by asset management. The platform’s main objective is to provide its users with an opportunity to increase their potential and revenue in the crypto industry.

For matters relating to partnership, contact Potential users can visit MEGASET’s official website and social media accounts for more information.

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