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MEGASET’s Token Allocation Explained!

Our team, investors and contributors are fully committed to set MEGASET on a one way trip to MEGA SUCCESS! Here’s why MEGASET will be your next most valuable token and how you can be part of it.

MEGASET is a functional utility token $MSET powered by asset management. Here’s some basic information you need to know:

Token name: MEGASET
Token Symbol: $MSET
Token Type: BEP20
Total Supply: 10 Billion $MSET
Public Sale Price: 1 USDT

The total supply of 10 Billion $MSET is made up of:
Presale: 2%
CEX Listing: 10%
Advisors: 1%
Marketing: 2%
Public Sales & IDO: 6%
Team: 1%
Rewards & Ecosystem: 76%
Liquidity: 2%


In order to ensure that there are no ‘Rug Pulls’ and to ensure that the interest of our community is best protected, there is a vesting period for all allocations (with the exception of public sales).

All presale token holders will have a vesting period of 12–36 months (depending on the presale stages). The vesting period starts on the 7th month after listing (targetted in December 2022). For instance, token holders who purchased their tokens during the first Presale will have a vesting period of 36 months. From the 7th month after listing, a percentage of token will be released to holders. Token holders can choose to stake it and earn rewards, purchase products from MEGASET marketplace or trade it in the open market. The full amount of tokens will be released over the course of 36 months.

Similarly, tokens allocated to the Rewards & Ecosystem (76% of total supply) will be unlocked over the course of 60 months, 7th month after listing. These unlocked coins will also have to follow MEGASET’s roadmap. For instance, 1% of the total supply will only be channeled to the MEGASET Ecosystem Fund when the price of $MSET reaches USDT 10. You can refer to our roadmap for detailed schedule of targets set for MEGASET.

The vesting period of the tokens in the Rewards & Ecosystem has no relevance with token holder’s rewards. Instead, this strategy is to prevent internal fraud(“Rug Pull”). For example, if the team sells all the remaining supply of tokens all on launch day, the price of $MSET will plunge. Therefore, this strategy must be in place to protect the interest of our token holders and the entire MEGASET project. The ultimate aim of this project is to turn $MSET into a long-term true valuable cryptocurrency. Tokens in this allocation are not meant for any sort of rewards distribution (e.g. staking rewards/ MEGASET Project rewards etc).

The funds from the sale of released tokens sold in the market will go to MEGASET Ecosystem Fund which will generate passive and active profit for MEGASET Rewards Fund. The rewards generated are given back to MEGASET’s community through the means of staking and other megaset products. The bigger the MEGASET Ecosystem Fund is, the bigger the MEGASET Rewards Fund will be. Refer to our Project target in the whitepaper for more information on our rewards and ecosystem token.

To prevent a huge volume of tokens being sold at any one time, vesting periods is a must.(Click here for respective detailed vesting periods)

For more information you can follow MEGASET social media or visit the official website.

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