MEGASET’s 80–20 Formula that will make you rich!

MEGASET focuses on building assets that will provide our community with active and passive income. But how is it possible? Through what means can you get rich just by holding $MSET?

Illustrating to you MEGASET’s Rewards & ECOSYSTEM. This system allows $MSET holders to profit not only from holding but also growth of wealth.

Firstly, when you purchase $MSET, the fund goes into investments in global markets and regional assets. MEGASET constantly seeks investment opportunities so that $MSET is also backed by tangible assets. The projects are diversified across different asset classes, regions and strategies. `

80% of the income and profits generated from these investments will be used to reinvest into various projects, buy back MEGASET tokens or allocate to MEGASET rewards. The MEGASET rewards are allocated into various forms such as via the Marketplace, NFTs, MEGAWEALTH, Lottery, Lucky Draws and Staking mechanisms. <Find out more about how you can use your $MSET here>

What’s most important to know is that those tokens which are used to purchase MEGASET products will be permanently removed from circulation or also commonly known as burning of crypto or destroying of tokens. For instance, these tokens are transferred to a wallet from which it cannot ever be retrieved. The burning of tokens will reduce the overall supply of coins in the market. With limited supply of tokens, the value of tokens is set only for exponential incrementals.

Then, what happens to the remaining 20% of the income and profits? 20% of the income and profits will be used for MEGASET operations, marketing and developing, to grow MEGASET. MEGASET’s ultimate goal isn’t just to make profits from the projects. MEGASET also has plans to enter various corporate partnerships as part of its business activities such that investors risk exposure is minimized while still able to constantly provide passive income flow to our community.

With this model in mind, MEGASET’s community can grow their wealth or even earn a stream of active and passive income not just through capital appreciation but by actively participating in the products released. The Law of Supply and Demand will ensure that the price of $MSET will increase in the long run.

Where Can I Buy MEGASET (MSET)?

Visit our website for more information, pre-sale dates will be announced on our twitter and telegram. So make sure you join our community for the most updated information. So stay tuned for more updates.

For more information you can follow MEGASET social media or visit the official website.

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