What Drives The Success of MEGASET?

3 min readMay 7, 2022


The most crucial part of a decentralised cryptocurrency project like MEGASET is the MEGASET Ecosystem.

The MEGASET Ecosystem is a system that allows MEGASET to operate independently, to give the project a constant inflow of new funds, so that MSET will eventually grow in value. With a automated system which provides the project with constant inflow of funds, MSET holders can put their minds at ease, knowing that any rewards received, be it from staking, marketplace, NFTs, lottery etc are not paid out of capital. With it’s capital intact, MSET is bound to grow into a fair, impartial and valuable cryptocurrency.

So what and how does the MEGASET Ecosystem work?

Firstly, 80% of the proceeds from the sale of tokens goes into the MEGASET Ecosystem Fund. While the remaining 20% of the income profits will be used for MEGASET’s operations, marketing and development to grow MEGASET.

The purpose of the MEGASET Ecosystem Fund is to generate passive and active profit for the MEGASET Rewards Fund. The MEGASET Rewards Fund is then divided into three different categories.

  1. Rewards to MEGASET Community:
    Funds allocated here goes to all MEGASET products and services as a bonus to benefit MSET holders with higher staking annual percentage yields. In other words, staking rewards are distributed from income and profits earned and not from the main capital of funds.
    *Staking rewards are distributed in USDT, ensuring that rewards remains in its true value and not distracted by price movements of MSET. Read more about staking rewards here.
  2. Growth Reward Profit:
    Funds in this category is allocated to the MEGASET Ecosystem Fund. The purpose of this category is reinvesting. By reinvesting into projects, MEGASET will be able to generate more profits, leading to a growth in the MEGASET Rewards Fund, and subsequently the growth of MSET’s valuation.
  3. Buyback and Burn:
    Profits from the MEGASET Ecosystem Funds is also used to buy back MEGASET tokens. Buyback and Burn is crucial because it reduces the number of tokens in the market which ultimately increases the proportion of tokens each MSET user owns. All the tokens from the buyback are stored in the MEGASET Ecosystem wallet to be burned or future funding. This Buyback and Burn component is also the reason why MEGASET will be a successful deflationary token, designed to become more scarce over time.

Then what are some of the MEGASET Projects and how does it work?

  1. Staking and Mining:
    The MEGASET team will stake and mine crypto assets with growth potential and positive APY.
  2. Asset Investment:
    The MEGASET team will invest in metaverse and global private market companies /assets where growth potential is greatest to create asset cash flow. The main purpose of these assets is to create monthly/yearly passive income inflows.
  3. Trading Portfolio: The MEGASET team collaborates with professional traders to generate profit from our investments and grow our Ecosystem funds.
  4. NFT Rewards: In our pipeline, MEGASET will explore opportunities to work with artists to launch our own NFTs to earn a NFT active and passive income.

MSET will be listed at USDT 1 in December 2022. Follow us for more.

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