Whitelist / Presale Information

3 min readApr 25, 2022


Dear MEGASET Community,

Upon announcing our Presale schedule two weeks ago, our project and team has experienced overwhelming support from the community. As always, please feel free to join our official Telegram channel (t.me/MegasetOfficial) for latest announcements and updates.

How to get started?

Make sure you have a MetaMask account. Connect your wallet to MEGASET by adding Binance Smart Chain Network. Refer to this step-by-step guide.

What do I use to purchase $MSET?

You may purchase $MSET using BUSD or BNB. If you do not have BUSD or BNB, you may purchase them using this guide.

How do I purchase $MSET?

Enter the amount of BUSD/BNB you would like to purchase. Amount of $MSET tokens will be automatically calculated. Ticked the disclaimers and hit ‘Confirm’.

How will you structure the Presale ?

There is two rounds for Presale 1.
Whitelist Round — We will launch our Presale for all Whitelisted participants only. First come first serve basis.
Non-Whitelist Round — Open to all. First come first serve basis.

When will the Presale start?

The Presale will begin at the following times;

Whitelist Round — 29 April 2022, UTC 13:00:00

UTC: 13:00:00
London: 14:00:00
New York: 09:00:00
Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing: 21:00:00

Open Round — 29 April 2022, UTC 13:30:00, ending immediately upon exhausting all Presale 1 token allocation.

  • UTC: 13:30:00
  • London: 14:30:00
  • New York: 09:30:00
  • Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing: 21:30:00

Is your Presale going to be first come first serve?

Yes, our Presale will be on first come first serve, till 100,000,000 $MSET is exhausted.

Where can I find $MSET token contract address ?

The token contract address will be shown on the Presale 1 page. After you have purchase $MSET, you can add the tokens to your wallet. If the tokens are not automatically reflected in your wallet, you can add it by entering our MSET token contract address on your MetaMask Main Page.

Why is the tokens not appearing in my wallet?

Upon purchasing the tokens, if the tokens are not reflected in your wallet, you may add them by entering $MSET token contract address. $MSET token contract address will be shown on Presale 1 page when the Presale starts on 29 April 2022. (Do not send BUSD/BNB to this address.)

What is the gas fees?

Gas fees are based on the BSC network. You can expect gas fees (in BNB) to be about 0.0003BNB ~ 0.0025 BNB. Please refer to your transaction page on MetaMSK for actual gas fees.

Once again, thank you for your support, we hope you continue to stay with us. In the coming months, we will be sharing more good news and progress of MEGASET. We are also announcing more partnerships in due time.

Lastly, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thank all our Partners / Backers and Community for your amazing supports in recent days.

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